Friday, November 9, 2012

medicals have EXPIRED

Got word today that our medicals have expired. BEFORE they were ever submitted. Oi vey! time is ticking not to mention it cost us $260 to get those medicals done last time...Im going to cry in a corner and find some money somewhere!!


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear this!! Hope it's not a huge deal to get them redone!

  2. This is a concern for us also! We HAD to do our medicals in August for our home study, and now we are rushing to submit to the SDA before the December cutoff so we don't have to redo them. We are good until February 13, so here's hoping. We were supposed to submit yesterday but our facilitator found a typo on my husband's medical form (birthdate was written as 2976 rather than 1976) so we had to redo and send (which, of course put us out several hundred dollars). It arrived in Kiev today, so God willing we will submit next week. Will be sending you much positive energy!