Thursday, November 15, 2012

THEY are fully funded

Pryce's family is fully funded. YEAH! that is a relief. Now to talk about someone else who is soooo close to being fully funded. 15 days into this month and Maxim's family only has recieved $500 through ten for orphans. They only have $4500 more to be fully funded. At the beginning of the month I was like that's easy then we can move onto another needy child. But now I am not so sure....Can God do it! ABSOLUTELY. Will he? I don't know. If you have time go over to ten for Orphans and send Maxim and his soon to be family some love. Maxim is 8 can you imagine waiting that long for a family?? His family lives in Wichita btw. That means he is coming home to the lets bring him HOME!!

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