Monday, December 17, 2012

A scare and some more blessings

The littl-ist little sat down and hard and came up gushing blood out of his mouth yesterday. One trip to the ER later and he is home with a fat lip. I would rather that have happened though than not come home at all. My heart is bleeding for those kids at Sandy Hook and those in China. I also feel for the teachers, survivors, first responders, police, hospital workers, all those that witnessed the aftermath will never be the same. NEVER. Now onto my list of blessings 21. Great medical care in our area. We went to st. Marys in KC...they do great work there. 22. The benefits for foster kids is amazing. The health care people always are so understanding and willing to see our kids in a timely manner and they get great care wherever we go. 23. Unexpected picture and videos of our treasures in Eastern Europe. We got to see one of them talking that was a joyous occasion. 24. Christmas parties: This one ended in blood but made me closer to my little and to see him still smiling even though its got to hurt...makes me have hope for the world yet. 25. Another chance for snow...Well have that white Christmas yet. 26. A school where God is still welcome. 27. A new baby bed for the littl-ist little. We got a good deal and it is gonna be so nice once we get it together. 28. A husband willing to clean house when he is just as tired as I am. 29. Christmas gift exchange at school. Its just a little gift of love. 30. Supportive parents...have I said that one before if not they are very supportive and that is wonderful.

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