Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Count your blessings

11. Pandora online radio station: They play lullabys for my kids to go to sleep everynight and we have tailored it so its mostly hymns they here...Such a blessing to praise God while waiting for the littles to go to sleep.
12. Nieces: I have 2 great ones...Though I cant pin them down as to when I can visit them I still love them :)
13. I am thankful that I walk to work everyday. Saves money and keeps me me time to Clear my head for the day.
14. My minivan. It is perfect for the family God has been sending us.
15. I work where my kids go to school.
16. Christmas - Its my favorite time of the year.
17. Thrift shops  - that is where I get all my clothes and most of the kids clothes. I shop in a part of town where the yuppies live and we get really cute stuff for cheap.
18. The chance of snow in the forecast. I really want a white Christmas. And since I walk to work I like to walk in it.
19. I still have 2 living you Papa and Grandma!!
20. Blind kids....they are my passion..just like any other kid!

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