Tuesday, January 15, 2013

18 days till.....we travel!!

Yep that's right. 18 days till we leave and I'm not packed....the girls room isn't ready and the bank won't give us our money.....I should be stressed but I'm trying not to be. I'm sure God will work it out...that I know he can do. He cares for the details. He has raised the money....we will get there. IT will work out. In the mean time.....DID you all see that AIDEN has a mama? Who is Aiden? Well he is 4 years old, blind and lives near the orphanage that the girls are in. At one time I think they were probably in the same one. HE is very delayed but he is also not allowed to do much and there are no resources to get him out and about. His family is working hard to get him you can read their story on their blog www.ourfamilyhisway.blogspot.com

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