Friday, January 25, 2013

Are you packed yet?

The answer is no. I hope to be. I want to be but no I'm not. So There. WE plan to pack light and so far with nothing packed that's working out pretty well.  But seriously pray that we can get it together including our house because we need to. And yes Im excited. Some people have been saying to me that they dont even know where the Ukraine is. Here is a map. We R headed to the blue region with the city Dnipropetrovsk. Hope this helps you to see it.


  1. Praying for you guys! Can't wait to follow your journey.


  2. Hello,
    We are adopting from Dnipropetrovsk baby orphanage, will you be going there? We have 1 picture of our little man ( he is Garrison on RR). If you are allowed and are at the same orphanage we would love another photo! Thanks!

    1. He will be at the baby orphanage which is not where our girls are...however if we get to visit there I will keep an eye out for him!

  3. Thank you!!!!! His name is Nikita. He is missing feet and one hand.
    Hope your trip goes well!