Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saying my last goodbyes

Some of you know but some may not...We were informed while we were still in Ukraine that we would be loosing custody of our foster kids. So even though I planned to stay in Ukraine through the ten day wait, I came home to say goodbye to MY kids.  It has been a tough week but God is healing my heart and preparing a new way for Lena and Vika (vick-a).

Monday, February 18, 2013

The price of Coke

One thing we cling to here is coke.  Its the one thing that is similar to what we have at home. Sure its lacking the high fructose corn syrup we insist on putting in it in the States but other than that it tastes the same. But here's the thing as Americans here we can afford to drink it every day. With the average meal out it costs 10.00 hryvna. Sound expensive? Well its not when you remember that the ratio of $ to Hryvna is 1 to 8.  So 5th graders what does that mean it costs in US.....

That's right $1.25. That's actually cheaper in the states where it normally costs $1.50 for the size shown in the picture above. But here's the thing....No one here can afford to drink it. What? Well for them it is a treat not something to be drunk one after another. The average household in Ukraine makes 700-800 hryvna per month....yeah that's right $100 US per month. That means they earn $1200 a year. How can they survive? Well let me tell you there are hardly any resteraunts here...there aren't Mcdonalds on every corner....there ARE a lot of streetside vendors and babushkas eeking out an existence for themselves. There are a lot of Ukraine people traveling to other countries to make a life for themselves....As Lena's aunt put it there is no life for people here....They love their culture....they love their country but there is no life for them here. Now imagine being disabled or not being able to walk or see. There are no wheelchair ramps....not many people have accomodations. No help for you. And you cant there is really no life for you here. Its sad. REALLY. Why are we adopting here....cause there is no life for them here. Cause we want them to be able to buy a coke when they want one. period.

Friday, February 15, 2013

С Днем Святого Валентина!

Otherwise known as Happy Valentine's day. Sorry it has taken me so long to post on here. It is emotionally tiring at the orphanage everyday as well as dealing with problems at home and all of those kinds of things. But today we got there and got to see a show of all the was super cute!!! We didn't know about it til we came for our evening visit so we missed Vika's part. But still it was wonderful.

I haven't mentioned this in a long time and I know there are some new readers.....If you click on the picture It will be enlarged for closer viewing.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Adventures in Krivoy Rog

WE are in Region. On the first day we met the girls then we came back again for an evening visit. Both girls are affected by music and lena likes to sing and rock to it and Vika just rocks....Lena wears different clothes everyday and Victoria wears this same dress. the first day Vika had on flower tights the second she had these construction equipment tights....they are boy tights. And today Lena had on the boy tights.....Boy tights? Yes in this country all boys and girls wear tights.....

Lena is solid and sturdy. Vika is small and skinny she is probably the size of a five year old.  She likes to dance with chet too. Funny story Vika cant drink from a straw but we didn't know we brought her a juice box which she squeezed and it squirted her in the face so while chet was trying to clean her up and apologizing she turned it around and squeezed it on him....on purpose!! too funny!!
this is krivoy rog. I liken it to Hardin on a rainy day in the winter. Apparently is has really good soil. So good in fact that Hitler tried to cover half of Germany with it.  It is said it is top soil up to ten feet down.

Crab chips anyone? Yeah don't try them even I didn't like them :P But still interesting thing to try.

We're Back!!

Ok so a lot has happened since we last posted.  First thing is on Wednesday night we got on a train to our region Krivoy Rog. I'm not gonna lie, when we popped out of the station onto the track it looked like the train to Hogwarts and I was looking for a column to go to platform 9 3/4.  The train took 8 hours and I enjoyed it although Chet didn't handle it very well.  He was over tired and couldn't sleep without falling out of bed at every stop and there were a lot of them.

We got tea on the train which I was able to order from the porter. I told her dva (2)  chai (tea) and made out our compartment number with my fingers. Based on the picture of our cabin door what number did I tell her?

The next morning we went to our apartment which is very nice by the way. It is owned by a man who has an organization that supports missionaries to the orphanages. They go play with the kids and do arts and crafts.

AFter checking into our orphanage we went to the regional Child services office to speak to the inspector about why we wanted these children. She asked us our age and what we did for work. We told her then she said ,"Ok we go!" and we went to the orphanage to meet the girls.

We were able to hear their long they had been in the orphanage and their skills.  Lena is in school outside the orphanage she is in first form....She has started to learn braille (First grade.....although they go at age 8 so its like our second grade) Vika doesn't attend school she is only 7.  Lena was left in the hospital at birth. Vika was left outside a supermarket at 1 month old.  It is their countries way. There are no services or help for special needs and often you cant get medical care for them.

WE met the girls but we didnt get a picture of vika only camera was having problems.  Lena is like Abby but she can only see light and dark....Vika is completely blind...since she doesn't have a cane to use she stomps her foot to see where she is at and how it sounds. But nobody knows this is what she is doing they think she stomps her feet for no reason.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Kiev - Day 2

We did a lot today both Chet and I are fighting jet lag so we overslept and woke up when Nico our facilitator  rang us to go to our appointment.  We went to the SDA which is the countries adoption office and looked at baby pics of our girls and got some medical information. Nothing surprising there. We had a SNAFU with Vika's paperwork but the office is trying to fix it.....For those of you that don't know I work at a school and i will be putting math problems and questions on here to keep them entertained feel free to comment if you like  but dont tell the answer!!! unless you are them. lol.  ok guys here is your first question.  Our appointment was near St. Andrews church. How old is it? I don't know hoping your recent researching has given you some skills to help me.

Here is the next question.
From home, I brought single serving coffee packets. They can be made in a 16 oz bottle of water so I filled this bottle of fanta after drinking all the soda, with water. The bottle says 120 and some russian characters which i think say ml?? could this be right and if so how close is that to 16 oz. I know you can figure this out cause I have seen you do it before for math homework....what do you think??

Oh and a shout out to Brooke....thanks for the update and for reading miss ya!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day number 1-in Kiev

We r here. After 2 days of travel we made it.  The first flight from Kc to chicago was small. really small i felt like i was sitting in a crop duster it was 2 and 2 seats across....they took our rolly carryon and put it under the plane for the flight....that small. so then we flew from Chicago to Munich on a big jet ....7 seats wide with less space....what the heck? there was no space in the seats. United has 4 levels of the cabin and we were in economy with no space and little seats....but we were by the bathrooms so that was good.  From Munich we flew into Kiev. And now we are at our apartment. We have gone to the grocery and bought stuff and I got to try roasted duck in Munich which was to die for!!! WE saw the opera house, and 2 cathedrals one that was 1000 years old and another that was 800. It is very cool and exciting and awkward here at the same time!lol
this is chicago airport
roasted duck in Munich
i didnt take any Munich pictures i was too tired too. I regret that now though.
hallway before customs in kiev

pictures of Kiev, notice the restaurant says La cantina, tex mexican and