Friday, February 8, 2013

Adventures in Krivoy Rog

WE are in Region. On the first day we met the girls then we came back again for an evening visit. Both girls are affected by music and lena likes to sing and rock to it and Vika just rocks....Lena wears different clothes everyday and Victoria wears this same dress. the first day Vika had on flower tights the second she had these construction equipment tights....they are boy tights. And today Lena had on the boy tights.....Boy tights? Yes in this country all boys and girls wear tights.....

Lena is solid and sturdy. Vika is small and skinny she is probably the size of a five year old.  She likes to dance with chet too. Funny story Vika cant drink from a straw but we didn't know we brought her a juice box which she squeezed and it squirted her in the face so while chet was trying to clean her up and apologizing she turned it around and squeezed it on him....on purpose!! too funny!!
this is krivoy rog. I liken it to Hardin on a rainy day in the winter. Apparently is has really good soil. So good in fact that Hitler tried to cover half of Germany with it.  It is said it is top soil up to ten feet down.

Crab chips anyone? Yeah don't try them even I didn't like them :P But still interesting thing to try.

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