Friday, February 15, 2013

С Днем Святого Валентина!

Otherwise known as Happy Valentine's day. Sorry it has taken me so long to post on here. It is emotionally tiring at the orphanage everyday as well as dealing with problems at home and all of those kinds of things. But today we got there and got to see a show of all the was super cute!!! We didn't know about it til we came for our evening visit so we missed Vika's part. But still it was wonderful.

I haven't mentioned this in a long time and I know there are some new readers.....If you click on the picture It will be enlarged for closer viewing.


  1. Hey there Amanda, we too are a RR family having adopted twice with them and will start the processes again soon to adopt from where you are at. Our last child came from the same region but from the baby house. We too live in your state. I would love to meet maybe one day if you are close enough. Enjoying watching your journey in region. ~Trina S.

    1. Trina we would love to meet as well!!

  2. So exciting following your journey. I'm well aware, however, that the exciting journey doesn't come without challenges. I am praying for you and your husband as you embark on this life-changing adventure, and that it not only has a life-changing affect on the girls you are adopting, but also for you... God has a way of using these things to draw us closer to himself. I know this because I've lived it two times over with the two children (of our six) that we adopted. God has grown us so much through both processes, that I am confident we would not have leaned more closely to Him had we not had the opportunity.