Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day number 1-in Kiev

We r here. After 2 days of travel we made it.  The first flight from Kc to chicago was small. really small i felt like i was sitting in a crop duster it was 2 and 2 seats across....they took our rolly carryon and put it under the plane for the flight....that small. so then we flew from Chicago to Munich on a big jet ....7 seats wide with less space....what the heck? there was no space in the seats. United has 4 levels of the cabin and we were in economy with no space and little seats....but we were by the bathrooms so that was good.  From Munich we flew into Kiev. And now we are at our apartment. We have gone to the grocery and bought stuff and I got to try roasted duck in Munich which was to die for!!! WE saw the opera house, and 2 cathedrals one that was 1000 years old and another that was 800. It is very cool and exciting and awkward here at the same time!lol
this is chicago airport
roasted duck in Munich
i didnt take any Munich pictures i was too tired too. I regret that now though.
hallway before customs in kiev

pictures of Kiev, notice the restaurant says La cantina, tex mexican and 


  1. Chicago... it all looks the same. lol I was just there a couple weeks ago, and going back through there Sat. But Kiev... ohhh myy goodness. I knew they redid it since I've been through there, but that looks AMAZING!! (compared to what it was)

    Anyways, glad you are there safe!

  2. hi amanda its brooke glad u made it there safe abby is doing great with mrs.southwick.ur blog is awesome i have been getting on it every day since u left im bored bye