Monday, February 4, 2013

Kiev - Day 2

We did a lot today both Chet and I are fighting jet lag so we overslept and woke up when Nico our facilitator  rang us to go to our appointment.  We went to the SDA which is the countries adoption office and looked at baby pics of our girls and got some medical information. Nothing surprising there. We had a SNAFU with Vika's paperwork but the office is trying to fix it.....For those of you that don't know I work at a school and i will be putting math problems and questions on here to keep them entertained feel free to comment if you like  but dont tell the answer!!! unless you are them. lol.  ok guys here is your first question.  Our appointment was near St. Andrews church. How old is it? I don't know hoping your recent researching has given you some skills to help me.

Here is the next question.
From home, I brought single serving coffee packets. They can be made in a 16 oz bottle of water so I filled this bottle of fanta after drinking all the soda, with water. The bottle says 120 and some russian characters which i think say ml?? could this be right and if so how close is that to 16 oz. I know you can figure this out cause I have seen you do it before for math homework....what do you think??

Oh and a shout out to Brooke....thanks for the update and for reading miss ya!!


  1. Hi! I'm so excited for you! Your soon to be daughter was one of the first children I inquired about...before I knew to look for the 'available to single parents' tag. I ended up not adopting through RR but LOVE reading everyone's blogs and seeing families formed.

    1. hi mrs.holmes are those math problems for us because i know the answer to all of them.mrs.southwick let us all hide from mrs.banes after art . we stayed hidden until mrs.banes said candy.oh and this is brooke