Monday, February 18, 2013

The price of Coke

One thing we cling to here is coke.  Its the one thing that is similar to what we have at home. Sure its lacking the high fructose corn syrup we insist on putting in it in the States but other than that it tastes the same. But here's the thing as Americans here we can afford to drink it every day. With the average meal out it costs 10.00 hryvna. Sound expensive? Well its not when you remember that the ratio of $ to Hryvna is 1 to 8.  So 5th graders what does that mean it costs in US.....

That's right $1.25. That's actually cheaper in the states where it normally costs $1.50 for the size shown in the picture above. But here's the thing....No one here can afford to drink it. What? Well for them it is a treat not something to be drunk one after another. The average household in Ukraine makes 700-800 hryvna per month....yeah that's right $100 US per month. That means they earn $1200 a year. How can they survive? Well let me tell you there are hardly any resteraunts here...there aren't Mcdonalds on every corner....there ARE a lot of streetside vendors and babushkas eeking out an existence for themselves. There are a lot of Ukraine people traveling to other countries to make a life for themselves....As Lena's aunt put it there is no life for people here....They love their culture....they love their country but there is no life for them here. Now imagine being disabled or not being able to walk or see. There are no wheelchair ramps....not many people have accomodations. No help for you. And you cant there is really no life for you here. Its sad. REALLY. Why are we adopting here....cause there is no life for them here. Cause we want them to be able to buy a coke when they want one. period.

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