Friday, March 22, 2013

First Days with the girls

The nannies got the girls ready. It was just before the train that we picked them up which was unfortunate since we didn't get to say goodnight to any of their groupa friends or see their beds that they slept in until now. We also were supposed to say goodbye to the director but as usual we were rushed out by our team.  So I didn't get a goodbye picture of them or with the nannies.  They assume that because they are blind that photos arent important to them....but they are cause photos tell their story to others.  The nannies said they looked cute and their were tears shed...  

Then we got on the train. The sound of the train scared Lena. But other than that they were great train riders!!

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  1. Love the pictures. So glad you are on your way. Not too much longer and you will be home with those precious girls.