Saturday, March 16, 2013

So....the cut off may not be 16 years old

So while hanging with a Ukrainian friend he informed me that the cutoff to adopt is not 16.....but instead 23.  Now this guy I was talking to said that after 16 you are not adopting said child but are instead a guardian to that child.  Makes me go hmmm could I be a  mom to a 17, 18, 19 year old.....I don't know....probably if the right one came along I could.   Definitely something to think about.  

So on another note, this is a church that was next to one of the many passport offices I was in this week
It had pretty golden spires but I could not fully capture them cause we were too close to the church.
However I was able to take pictures of the awesome fence with cross finials.


  1. Actually the 16 year old cutoff is because of OUR laws not their laws! Immigration will not allow an international adoption of someone over 16 unless 1. the family applied to UCIS before the child's 16th birthday for that child 2. The child has younger siblings that are also being adopted with them. I sure wish the US would change that immigration restriction.

    1. Mindy while what you say is true. The US will allow you to sponsor an immigrant up to age 23. So in essence if there is a kid you wanted way back when you can sponsor them to immigrate and you dont have to fill out any paperwork but the kid does in the ukraine.