Thursday, April 11, 2013

About school.....a new plan

Our school got a different plan set up for the girls at the last minute.....They are going to Kansas State school for the blind.....for the last month of school and the summer program. I am really happy about it too. I am so excited that I am tempted to buy a shack to live at so they can go there forever and I am not kidding.   This is the perfect opportunity for them to catch up and have the support every day to do it in the right way!! Lena will be so excited when she realizes it is every day and there are no more naps!! They will be evaluating them and writing their IEP's. I am so excited for this opportunity for the girls....


  1. That's wonderful Amanda! So happy for you and your girls. My son Tommy is at a school for the blind for preschool and it is wonderful. He loves it there and they love him. He will be mainstreamed someday but for now it is giving him the blindness skills he needs.

    I can't wait to hear how the girls progress.


  2. That's wonderful!

    We don't know each other but I've followed your blog on and off for some time when I found your profile on RR. At one point you switched over to talking about two girls but I never saw a second face on your RR page and wondered if I missed a post. Can you share some information about how this happened and a picture of both girls some time? I'm curious about how one turned to 2 and who #2 is!