Tuesday, April 9, 2013

All your questions answered...

It always irked me when people's blog posts dwindled after their adoption. I wanted to know how they were doing...I wanted to see pictures of before and after.   I wondered how they were fairing.  WEll now I know why they didnt post. There are so many other things more important to do than post on the blog, laundry, dishes, sleep would be nice too.  The girls are fairing well. The language barrier sucks. I am tired of everyone's questions. Yes they are ours. Yes they are sisters. NO they are not twins. NO they were not biologically related. Yes they were born that way. Yes they are both blind. No I don't know what they are saying. And NO I am not a blessing. I am surviving that is all. I am a woman that couldn't have my own kids or foster kids apparently....These are my kids....yes they are mine cause they are blind. But they are also mine cause God picked them out for me...

Both girls have problems we are adjusting to. One is not smarter than the other one. We love them both the same. Vika wasn't well treated and you can tell that in her behaviors....Helena was spoiled rotten and you can tell that in her behaviors....Adoption is no picnic you have good times and bad times but had we not chosen to take either of the kids home with us then they were domes for life in an insane asylum filled with moaning, groaning adults at 8. So no we couldn't just leave them there.

About their names...
The way Lena's name is Helena pronounces Hu lay nuh. Her real name was spelled Oleona and had we been able to get our facilitator to tell us that we would have spelled it that way. She pronounced it Lay-o-nuh. So we tried to keep it as closed as possible. Vika can be Said Vick-uh or Vee-ka we say both. Her full name is Viktoria to account for the shortened version.

The girls are starting to school tomorrow. Hopefully my sanity will return but I doubt it. Any other questions just ask.


  1. So glad to see your update and I know how you feel about all the questions. Hang in there it does get better. I have been thinking about you and praying for you guys.


  2. I could have written this myself. We returned home in March with two "virtual twins" who were not siblings previous to the adoption (we had initially planned on one but...you know how it goes!) and the questions people ask just blow my mind. Especially when they ask certain things RIGHT in front of the kids. Hope things are settling down for you guys.