Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How we went for 1 Child and ended up with 2

I had a wonderful comment from Sue the other day. She wanted to know how we went from going to get Viktoria and ended up with Lena too. Well really Sue all along it was Lena that caught my eye?? What?? How is that possible? Well its a long story so sit back and I will tell you.

Two Novembers ago, I was talking to a missionary that goes to Krivoy rog. I had read her blog and I had seen a video of Victoria on the site and in the background there was a little girl who was blond....she appeared to be super smart and she was blind. I asked my friend Amanda that was adopting a little boy from the same orphanage...his name was Andrey. They were very close to travelling to go get him.  Amanda told me  they called her big Lena and that was because another girl in the video that was blind and deaf was alos named Lena and they called her little Lena   Amanda also told me that she thought Lena was super smart and would be no trouble to adopt.  Well I could see myself being Lena's mom but not Vika's....Vika had too many unknowns. Could she talk, would she stop hitting herself, could she read, was she really potty trained....etc.  Shortly after that conversation, A priest in Ukraine opened up an orphanage and came to collect kids from all the orphanages for his house.  Word got out that Lena as I thought of her by then was going to be taken. Oh how I prayed that she wouldn't be. And God answered my prayers....kinda...She got really sick and had to go to the hospital so the priest took other kids instead. One of them was my friend Amanda's Andrey.  Oh how awful. And I more than anyone knew some of her pain because we thought the priest was taking her too.  But he didn't.

At the time I didn't even know if it was possible to adopt her.  And I didn't think Vika was meant to be my kid.  I did think Lena was though. But shortly after that through Amanda some people contacted me and asked if they paid the commitment fee would I think about adopting Vika. So I asked Chet about it. It was a bad time ....the president was cutting funding to the homeless population and that meant Chet would probably lose his job. But I wouldn't let it go I told him if God wants us to do this he will raise the funds for us to do it. And basically I made him say yes. I wanted a child so badly and he just had to agree. So he did begrudgingly agree to go for Vika. But there was Lena in the back of my mind.

It took 3 people's donations to complete the commitment fee. But if that is what God wants you to do then the money will come.  I am so grateful for those 3 women today. And I am grateful for the 4th woman who wanted to know why I felt Vika was our child. After contacting me on the phone, she went on to call those other ladies and tell them I didn't want Vika that I had no good reason for wanting to adopt her....which caused all of them to withold their checks till I could prove I wanted her. But by then the mama bear in me fought for Vika child. The one whom God wanted to bless me with.  And so began the fight to fundraise.....

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  1. I can't wait to hear the rest. Thank you for sharing this!

    Sue H.