Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm thinking of pulling an Unroe...

I was in the Reece's rainbow group on facebook one day when I saw a lady say this phrase..."I'm thinking of pulling an Unroe...." What did that mean? Well I'll tell you. She was referring to Amanda Unroe and her husband Brent who went and adopted 5 from Bulgaria. That's right 5 UNRELATED kids the last time they adopted....One of which was less than 17lbs at 5 1/2 years of age. They love the impossible kids. The ones that shouldn't have had to live in their circumstances, the ones that are badly abused and mistreated and they love them back to life and function. You can see the before and after pictures of those kiddos HERE. And if you scroll down you can see the three new ones they are going back to adopt. If you felt led by God to do so please consider donating as they are about ready to travel and are still VERY short on Funds....Also another friend is having a fundraiser that has IPAD mini's in it to win. You can check that out at http://www.allarepreciousinhissight.com/. Who doesn't want to help some orphans and possibly win an IPAD mini?? PLEASE go and check it out!! thanks!

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  1. HAHAHAHA Pulling an Unroe. LOL That's awesome!