Monday, May 20, 2013

On days like today I am feeling the pull....

To throw it all away....sell everything on the courthouse steps and just Ukraine  I think Chet feels it too. I am ready to go. The Lord has been whispering these thoughts into my heart. With the denial of a visa to bring our big boy home to the US even more so I think...I'll just move to Ukraine then.... I'll just be the change. But its not time I order a homeschool curriculum for my youngest and as we negotiate the girls education...I think I could do that....As I learn and fight to preserve the bilingual abilities of our children...I think I could speak we yearn to fit into a church that doesn't see things like we do because we have seen the unspeakable things....I think....I could change that.  As new growth pops from the ground around me I think...It's time for us to grow....There is a breeze of change in the air. I don't know when or how but its there and God will make a way I'm sure.

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  1. I'm right there with you Amanda. Being in those orphanages changes you forever. Sounds like God is going to do more amazing things with your lives. Exciting times ahead!