Friday, July 26, 2013

Today it's a candle....

Today we as a family of Christians, Adoptive parents, and people that just plain care for kids....are lighting a candle for one sweet orphan that died. He was finally released from his living hell....the one that murdered him. This is happening every day to orphans all over the world. Children deemed unworthy by their societies. His name that we knew him as was Hansen. That wasn't even his real name. He never knew a mother's love. THIS. HAS. To. STOP. If you cant adopt will you think about really supporting those that do...will you join with me and change your profile picture today on FB to be a candle for Hansen. And for all the orphans that need mommas? WE can help change it today!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We went to the yake...

Yes we did! The girls both loved it!! each of them got to drive the boat and we all swam in the lake and they loved the wind in their faces!! It was great!

Just thought you guys would like to see some photos of them since I haven't published them on the boat in a while.

Tools of the trade

This blog post is for all you mothers out there wracking your brain at what to do about this and that....When we first got Vika she would hit herself almost nonstop....ALL. THE.TIME. Why? well she wanted attention or she was anxious and she needed release....Slowly those behaviors are dwindling but she has started to scream a horrible dying child growl scream in its place and it happens...often. WE tried time outs to alleviate the scream...we tried time outs, time ins, we tried talking about them, telling her no when she actually did it, She knows she is doing something she isn't supposed to but still she screamed.  It was worse in the car and we tried screaming with her, having screaming contests, cheering every time she did it...WE TRIED everything.....well not I thought I would share what has finally worked for us.
Yep thats right a weed sprayer.  Wait before you freak out we put water in it and have been using it at home to spray the cats that like to yell on the stairs....well we have found that if you squirt her while she is screaming she instantly stops and sometimes she giggles and SOMETIMES she talks and says fooey dooey or OK instead of her growling scream.....Maybe this will lead her to be more VERBAL in an appropriate way....I'm praying it will....AMEN to that!