Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vote for Tommy

Hello. Long time no talk...I have a PLEA to make to you today!! this is Tommy. He is not an orphan and in order to help him you DON'T have to give money. He is hoping to win a smart brailler from Wonderbaby.org  The smart brailler is REALLY cool as it talks what you type and you can read it on the screen and it makes what you type into a word document. Then you insert a FLASH drive into it and you have what you typed. So like an IPAD for blind kiddos. His family is in the running for a FREE one valued at $3000.00. ALL you have to do to help is go here and VOTE for the Kovaks family....they are in second place currently can we get them to first??
Thanks for helping. You can VOTE every 24 hours until the 8th of Sptember.


  1. Thanks so much Amanda. It would mean so much to have this to help Tommy learn Braille.

    1. Hope you don't mind me taking a picture of Tommy I was gonna ask but we dont have FB at work.

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