Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yesterday we went to see Mr. Doug.....

Who is Mr. Doug? He is an Ocularist. Someone who makes fake eyes or eye prosthetics. Here is Mr. Doug or "Bud" as he likes to be called making an eye for someone.
We went to see him with Vika to ask questions about cost and they types they do the surgery involved and so on and so forth. Here are some of the questions and answers that he gave me to them. 
The first question I asked was
Can you paint her fake eyes to look like her real ones? Why does it matter? Because Vika's real eyes don't look like yours or mine and I love them about her. I fell in love with those eyes in Ukraine and even in photographs before that.Yeah they aren't the eyes an artist draws that are perfectly symmetrical but they are her eyes.
His answer: Yes I can make them look like hers now. Right down to the muted blue color....he hopes we will chose a pretty bright blue but...he can understand painting them how they are and says he doesn't have many moms that want them to look the same after both eyes are removed.
(someone I had this discussion with said well don't you want them to look normal? No I don't want grotesque. Her eyes are pretty to me and not normal. What is normal anyways?)
What about extreme sports? Can she go tubing in them? He says no. Anything that has a blast of air or water you have to take them out. He said there are thousands of eyes at the bottom of all the Missouri from my experience there must be 1000 pairs of glasses there too.  So that means that when tubing, knee-boarding, water skiing, high dives, or parachuting, she will need to take the eye caps out then she is good to go.  You laugh but considering we have already gone tubing and Vika goes off the diving board, It is good to know these things.  How much will they cost? Each eye will cost about $2300 dollars. Zoikes!! considering that she could lose one that is pricey!! But considering each girls eye exam cost $4000 after insurance it is cheaper than an eye exam. I asked Bud about Pegged Motility implants...He said no doctor in the Kansas City area would do pegged implants and that they cause a LOT of problems but that the doctor would attach the muscles so if in the future pegging became better then it could happen. I have read that pegging makes the eyes move more natural and stay in better. Bud says that part is true but not worth it overall.  He said there are a lot of complications from it. He also said that she can remove the eye caps. They are not held in by anything but the eyelids so that is a possible struggle with some kids.  I asked him would we be able to see if there are problems with the eyes? Vika does not as of yet tell us if she is in pain other than screaming....and only rarely that. He told us what to watch out for he also told us about our insurances and what would be covered and all of that.....Overall it was a great and devastating conversation that no one wants to have. But he talked to us for over an hour at no charge and he answers his own office phone when you call him. You can see he genuinely cares for kids. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

The most interesting Pumpkins in the Patch

Last weekend we went to Johnson's farm in Belton, MO. WE went to Carolyn's last year but after getting in the door you had to pay for all the activities inside and then the pumpkins were pricey too. So this year we decided to try something new. It was $44 for us to get in the door. Still too much to pay but it was super fun and the activities inside were all included except buying the pumpkin and eating lunch.
First thing we did when we got there was milk a fake cow...I didn't get pictures, but actually it was a great fake way to get the feel of milking a cow. Then we met some of the animals. LATER we saw a sign that said don't touch the animals. OOPS! The sign wasn't brailled however so I guess we could claim we didn't see it.

Then we decided to check out the pig races. The girls seemed to enjoy "seeing" the pigs....I wish they could have touched them. Twice now they have been places that had pigs but neither place let them touch them.
After the pig races we checked out the baby animals. WE saw baby goats, chicks, ducklings, and pigs they were super cute, the people at the farm walking around dressed as garden gnomes, were walking one baby goat that we could pet and true to form he tried to eat the strings on my shorts.

After the baby animals we went to the playground which was a several stories tall set up with all kids of tubes and slides. The play equipment was fully fenced so it was great for keeping the kids in the area but there were several tube exits and ways for the kids to go so it was hard to follow the kids to keep up with them.  One thing that saved us was Vika was wearing an orange shirt that was somewhat easy to find every now and then.  After the tubes/slides we road the wagon to the pumpkin patch. They had a flower and veggie garden, pumpkins - orange and white, and all kinds of gourds.  The girls didn't quite understand picking a pumpkin even though I explained it to them.

Vika "picked" a little pumpkin with a lot of help and that is the one we bought and took home. I tried to get them to lay in the patch so I could take their picture but they wouldnt....oh well.

As Vika was walking in the patch she came across a puddle with her cane so of course she stuck her foot in it with her shoe on and everything. She has done that once in the kiddie pool at home so she got to walk around with a wet kinda made her mad at first but you gotta experience that before you understand why mama says be careful.
the wagon to the pumpkin patch was pulled by a tractor and you could ride it as much as you wanted. We rode it 2 times that day once round trip and one time where we walked back from the field.  The girls got to feel sunflowers, black eyed susans, and cabbages.
Lena's favorite thing to eat is cabbage rolls so she was excited to touch one that was growing!
One of the girls favorite things to do was to play on the hay in the hay-barn....they had a spiral staircase down into the hay with big black tubes coming out to crawl through....

They spend over half an hour on this...Papa liked that he could see the pumpkin cannon when it shot the pumpkins. We rode the train after that and fun was had by all! The last thing we did was play in the sand bus...What is that? Well check it out. Lena loved the sand and Vika had fun throwing the toys out of the window. I had fun throwing them back in at her!

All in all it was a busy day. WE spent well over 5 hours there and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun.  If it werent so expensive we would probably go back ...they did have season's passes for a little bit more money.