Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Parents Resource Weekend at KSSB

We are so excited for this Friday and Saturday. It is Parent's resource weekend at KSSB. I am hoping to meet lots of parents there and also excited for Lena and Vika to have more kids to interact with. WE are staying in the dorms so that too should be an interesting experience.  Lena is so excited to go and spend the night as she has been begging to do this...I really think she misses the social aspect of the orphanage....she knew everyone and had a run of the place as well as there were lots of friends to play with all the time.  Just like in the dorm. I personally and hoping to meet the writer of this blog as I saw on her blog about this weekend too.  It was the first time that I realized someone who was blogging lived really near to me.
This is the schedule for the weekend.

November 22-23, 2013

Up-Dated Schedule

Friday, November 22

4:30-5:30 pm Registration in the KSSB Dining Hall
5:00-6:00 pm Meal for children and adults in Dining Hall
6:15-6:30 pm Families Together—What It’s All About
6:30-8:00 pm Crafts, Physical activities and Playroom for children

 Testimonials from various visually impaired and blind adults
Nancy Johnson—“A Blind Parent Raising a Sighted Child”
Kim Morrow—“The School Can’t Do it All”
Estin Telavera –“The Best of Both Worlds: My Story”
Helen Hahn—“Advances in Ocular Surgery; It’s Not Like it Looks on TV”

8:00-8:30 pm Snacks and socialization for parents and children in the Dining Room
8:30pm Return to dorm/home

Saturday, November 23
7:15-8:15 am Registration and Breakfast in Dining Room
8:15-12:00 pm Child care and programmed activities provided by KSSB staff
8:30-10:45 am A GPS Walk Through the Power and Light District with Craig Phillips and Company. We are encouraging family members to select one person to attend while the other attends the other options.
8:30-9:45 am Scott Truax from AFB, Kirby Hough from Alphapointe, and Susan LaVenture the president from NAPVI—“Daily Living Skills and Personal Management: Don’t Transition Without It”
Recommended for all ages and levels
10:00-10:45 am Robert Beech, Assistive Technology Specialist from KCKCC,
and Cheryl Covell from KSSB—“College: It’s Not Just High School
Part 2. Provides honest and factual information about what it takes to be successful in post-secondary
education. Recommended for parents of students of all ages who are considering their child for post-secondary education.
10:00-10:45am Sherry Kopaska—“Transitioning Into the Real World.” What it takes to be successful in transitioning  to pre-vocational and vocational employment, as well as quality of life experiences. Recommended for parents whose children have special needs that require prevocational/vocational training opportunities.
11:00-12:00pm Rand Hodgson, parent advocate and father of special needs children: Title TBA. Recommended for all ages/abilities.
12:00-12:30pm Lunch for children and adults, hand out information bags
12:30pm Travel Home Safely

I will be letting you know how it goes and posting pictures from our weekend. Pray for us that we are filled with knowledge and have a somewhat restful time in a new place.

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