Friday, December 13, 2013

Vika at 8

In November we celebrated Vika's 8th birthday. Since she is so small for her age and about 3 or 4 developmentally, I was kinda sad to see her turn 8.  So since it was her 8th birthday I will tell you 8 things about Vika right now.
1. She is very opinionated about which shoes she wants to wear!
2. She will only smile or laugh when she means it. The picture above she was telling the photographer, "No smile..."
3. She was a wild thing for halloween.
4. Her favorite things to do are, play in the sink, cuddle, and ride an escalator. She also likes to go up and down steps.
5. She can make her wants known with 1-3 words. Just yesterday she started to say "I want" statements
6. She knows she is loved and has started to kiss when prompted.
7. She loves to ride Bosco the horse at therapy.
8. Sheis starting to learn her braille letters and how to type them on the brailler.
Here's to another year of learning and loving for Vika!

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