Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sometimes there are Benefits

      I hesitate to even write a post about this because recently Chet and I were given an amazing benefit to having blind kiddos and I don't want to let the secret out of the bag. But I realize that their are lots of blind kiddos around here and they all might benefit from knowing the things we now know.  BUT, let me start at the beginning.  A few years back my parents took me and Chet and my brother and his new wife, and my grandparents to Branson for Thanksgiving. WE loved it and try as we might we haven't convinced our parents to do it again. So all this year I tried to get Chet to go but he never could seem to find a weekend that wasn't packed with family things....So that brought us to December and when looking at Chet's schedule we realized he was off for New Year's. So we got the hair-brained idea to go to Branson for New Year's. WE didn't even know if we could afford it. The tickets to Silver Dollar city alone is $50 a person. When we looked online there was a special for 35.00 tickets.
     It was looking like we could go and maybe go there and our favorite restaurant Lambert's "Home of the Throwed Rolls". I really thought the girls could enjoy the Dixie Stampede since they ride horses and since there is a meal served during the show which would keep them occupied. But tickets there were $50 a piece too and it was just out of our price range.  Well guess what? God works wonders, even in Branson. When we went to book our silver dollar city tickets online it told us to call guest relations and when we did we found out our girls got in for FREE. Yep that is right. FREE. So we got to go to the Dixie Stampede after all.
I love Silver Dollar City and this trip just made me love them all the more. ALL we had to do was go to guest relations and put the girls on their list. That way if there was an emergency the firefighters etc...would know they were in there. Then we went inside and what we didnt know was most if not all the rides had a disability entrance. This meant we didnt have to wait in line. And since Vika starts to hit herself or get violent if she has to wait it was a complete surprise. We were so thankful.
     Overall I would have to rate the Dixie Stampede as 3 out of 5 stars for being blind kid friendly. The kids enjoyed their meals (9 courses eaten with your fingers) which were so filling Lena got full. Which has NEVER happened. They also enjoyed some of the singing but they couldn't really tell what was going on in most of the show and Chet in an attempt to save money changed the seats farther back which didn't help at all.  Also the pre-show was a juggler and though he was good he definitely wasn't something for blind kids to see and so we sat for that and then felt like we wasted our time. I felt that the people at the stampede should have told us the pre-show act so we could know what we were up against. Vika was also very unregulated and so it was rough going that way too.
     WE are giving Silver Dollar City 5 out of 5 stars. They met and exceeded our expectations. The disabled parking was up close and the kid section was easy to maneuver for a blind kid as well as any
differently-abled kids. The kids playground had all these sound making toys that kept Vika super entertained and the staff let them on rides they were too old for just so they could enjoy something. The staff was super friendly. The Christmas parade was lights and sounds so the girls enjoyed that and the train was great as they had Christmas carol playing and a special entrance to get on. WE love to watch the Christmas tree but believe it or not Chet wore out before the girls did so we missed it this time.  WE will def. go back next year and feel that we will probably buy season tickets as it was fun for all.
     At Lambert's we give them 4.5 out of 5 stars for being blind kid friendly. The only thing they are lacking on is that there is a LOT of noise their but that would probably only bother you if you were sensitive to those things. When they were throwing the rolls the guy even "threw" one the Lena making sure that she caught it. WE love a place that sees she wants what every kid wants. And the food was amazing as always...The bathrooms were a little tight to maneuver but the resteraunt was easy to maneuver overall. If you had a kid in a wheelchair I don't know how that goes however.  All said it was a super fun time.

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