Friday, February 21, 2014

court-side seats to their Boston TEA Party

There is a great deal going on in Ukraine right now...Its a huge fight for FREEDOM! People are dying for it. It is very similar to our Boston Tea Party...The people are trying to overthrow the government. It is very harry.
This poster tells what is happening to the protesters right now. Common people who are not happy with the route their leaders have chosen. We need to take a page from their book here in the states.  They are protesting in very creative ways. Like this 
You can read about it HERE. Basically they took a statue of Lenin and replaced it with this golden toilet because the President of Ukraine is rumored to have put in golden toilets in his estate....
There are also the Pianos...
Pianos painted in Ukrainian colors have been popping up everywhere. People sit down and crowds start singing traditional Ukrainian songs...You can see some of the Pianos HERE.
I liken the whole ordeal to sitting on the sidelines watching the Boston Tea Party take place. Ukraine people are struggling so hard to hold on to their freedoms and identity and Russia is making it so difficult to do so. You can read about what is happening right now HERE.

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